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Poster Sessions

How Institutions Can Reduce Waste: Free Resources & Reusing Materials

How can institutions further reduce waste? Talk about waste management and the sharing of free resources with a student from Portland State University. Learn about how free resource rooms in Oregon on college campuses save materials, money, and encourage waste reduction.

Strengthening Institutional Capacity

Our poster shows an analysis of the process of codesigning training and education programs under USAID directives and to meet multiple demands from international best practice to the provincial context for government officials.

North West Living and Learning Community Collaborative

Poster session will share a dynamic, diverse and decarbonized approach to new neighborhood planning. The creation of a new community HEMP land trust and campus center to live, play, work and share in nature's abundance. Poster shares case study research proposal and ethnographic account of a local non-profit that seeks climate, racial and social justice through SPORTS!

Mathematics begins with your worldview

The poster highlights the place-based math pedagogy developed by faculty and students at Northwest Indian College, connecting traditional arts, crafts, and concepts on the one hand and geometric and algebraic patterns on the other, from algebra to calculus.
The poster presents some key aspects of personal and professional development for non-indigenous faculty who wish to engage in this work.

Applying a Just Transition Framework to the Campus Sustainability Fund, UW–Seattle

Dive into how the Campus Sustainability Fund has used the theory of Just Transition as a framework for guiding our work. The Campus Sustainability Fund (CSF) was established in 2009 at the University of Washington–Seattle with the original purpose of operating as a green fund to support students’ innovative climate change solutions. From its start as a student-led grassroots campaign, the CSF has evolved from a grant-driven body into a hub for intersectional sustainability. Leaning on principles of shared governance, regeneration, collective well-being, resilience, and cooperation, explore how you can lead transformative change within your organization and larger community.

Evolution of a College Garden: A Tool for Teaching about Sustainability

A description of the evolution of a college garden from a burned home site to a welcoming place to teach students and community members about sustainable wellbeing.

ReMade display

Each year, Industrial Design students create and fabricate products from discarded materials in small batch production and sell them at a local design shop in Bellingham. The display will showcase 12 of the most recent products produced last year. The project challenges students to intercept materials from the waste stream and transform them into marketable products.