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2022 Keynotes

Elizabeth Bagley

Elizabeth holds joint PhDs in Environment & Resources and Educational Psychology from the University of Wisconsin at Madison where she studied how video games can encourage systems thinking about complex environmental topics.

Maria Ballesteros–Sola

She has published in the Journal of Social Entrepreneurship, International Journal of Social Business, Entrepreneurship Education & Pedagogy, Case Research Journal, and the Journal of Social Business. She serves on several editorial review boards, is the chair of the Social Impact track for North America Case Research Association (NACRA), co-chair of Social Entrepreneurship SIG at the US Association Small Business Entrepreneurship (USASBE) and the co-editor of the SAGE Publishing Social Impact Case Collection. Dr. Ballesteros-Sola is also a strong advocate for the use of experiential and service-learning, international experiences, and humanizing technology in higher education. When she is not teaching, researching, or servicing, you can find her doing yoga, Zumba, or enjoying some tacos.

2022 Speakers

Navera Ahmed

Jonathan Arakawa

One of Vice President Arakawa's tireless advocacy efforts and strong platforms in his NCAI-YC Vice Presidency is for Native American History to be taught from the Native Perspective in Washington State public schools, and public schools throughout the United States, while assuring an equitable and inclusive educational system for Native American students. These advocacy efforts have led him to work in the Port Angeles School District (PASD) as a Native American Specialist for the PASD AmeriCorps Program working alongside strong Native American educators. Vice President Arakawa looks forward to working with our local, regional, state, and federal counterparts to address issues that affect Native youth and Indian Country while bringing all Tribal Nations together to further amplify the strength of our ancestors that run through Indian Country's veins and unleash our multi-generational strength, wisdom, and resiliency to be that generation of leaders our ancestors prayed for. Vice President Arakawa believes everyone has a place, every single person is a leader, and when we come together as a Native America, our collective strength is incalculable.

Athena Bertolino

John Calavitta-Dos Santos

Nori Catabay

One of those efforts is for County-owned new construction projects to be carbon neutral by 2030. She is currently coordinating the County's commitment of identifying 20 Zero Energy or Living Building Challenge Projects by 2025. Nori has 25 years of experience in government, implementing public policies on a local and state level. She has a degree in American Ethnic Studies with an emphasis in Asian American Studies from the University of Washington. Her early career included social justice advocacy, community organizing, political empowerment and civic engagement. She is second generation Filipino American, born in Seattle, WA and grew up in Oak Harbor on Whidbey Island. She enjoys culinary adventures, cooking and spending time with family and friends.

Stephan Classen

Serena Dressel

Lauren Cole

Toren Elste

Kelsey Foster

Elizabeth Fountain

Michael Geffel

Abigail Gravatt

Rebecca Watts Hull

Dr. Watts Hull’s research and teaching have focused on environmental history and governance, sustainability, campus-based organizing and advocacy, and social movements. Her professional experience includes environment and sustainability education/outreach, project management, curriculum design, and environmental advocacy in the public and nonprofit sectors. Rebecca’s work outside academia has included leadership of an Atlanta-based clean air advocacy nonprofit group, science and environmental curriculum design, and environmental education with the U.S. Peace Corps in East Africa.

Moji Igun

Kathleen Klaniecki

Kaarin Knudson

Most recently, Kaarin has advocated for and advised on the implementation of Oregon's landmark laws to eliminate exclusionary zoning and re-legalize traditional housing types. She authored Lane County's first Affordable Housing Action Plan in 2020 and helped to negotiate the creation of Eugene's first Affordable Housing Trust Fund in 2018. Since 2008, Kaarin has taught advanced design studio and urban design in the University of Oregon's Architecture and Planning departments, and she speaks at regional and national conferences on sustainability, housing policy, community change, and community engagement. She is co-author of The Sustainable Urban Design Handbook, which will be published under Routledge in 2022.

Irena Lambrou

Andrew Lemberg

Robert Lupton

Lindsey MacDonald

Lindsey MacDonald | Associate Director, Sustainability Engagement Institute, Western Washington University

Maiya Martinez

She currently serves as one of the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Boards Youth Delegates representing the 43 federally recognized tribes in Washington, Oregon and Idaho. Together they developed social media initiatives addressing depression, anxiety, suicide, dating violence and other difficult topics that effect Native youth. She also worked with WE R Native to bring awareness to build coping skills and decision making to empower our youth. In addition, she serves as an Earth Ambassador for the United Nation Indian Tribal Youth community. This opportunity is to help implement positive environmental changes and learn how to make a positive impact. These positions have given Maiya experiences and growth to help build our Native youth. She strives to be a resource and advocate to our youth to seek out opportunities as well as continue their education in all forms. Lemlmts (Thank You)

Jenny McNamara

Eloise Navarro

Aaron Olsen

Jazmine Patten

Mak Porotesano

Susan Rivera

Briar Schoon

Nataleigh Steffens

Monica J. Stenzel

Sarah Stoeckl

Brandon Trelstad

Brandon Trelstad | Sustainability Officer, Oregon State University  

Joao Vilca Soto

Watson Whitford

Ruthie Yow

2022 Tour Leaders

Steve Abercrombie

Prior to becoming the Faculty Coordinator Steve previously served as a project manager for the Smart Buildings Center where he was responsible for a range of areas including strategy, management, analysis, and relationships across several state and federal government agencies. Steve has been a consultant for almost a decade, working in Fortune 500, government agencies, real estate developers and REITs, and non-profits to organize and lead complicated programs to successful outcomes. Steve is a former regional Vice President of the Northwest EcoBuilding Guild. Prior to working in sustainable buildings, Steve has a background in technology and environmental informatics. When not immersed in sustainability he is often hiking, mountain biking, or skiing, with his family in the mountains of western Washington.

Andy Clinch

Rick Hermanson

Hermanson Company was started in 1979, by Rick's father, Jerry Hermanson, who is credited as a visionary and early industry adopter of plasma metal pattern cutting technology. Jerry is now putting his visionary effort into supporting workforce development through the Hermanson Sustainable Building Science Technology Center at South Seattle Community College. The Bachelor of Science program trains industry professionals the smart building technology skills needed to maintain optimal occupant comfort and energy savings. Rick continues his father's legacy, and this summer piloted a six-week-long career exploration program for high school students interested in apprenticeship opportunities in the building trades.

Devin Kleiner

Brad Liljequist

Sarah Moore

Ashley Ruiz

LeAnn Vargo Scalzo

LeAnn earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Idaho and completed her graduate studies in Environmental Engineering from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Outside of McKinstry, she serves on various committees to promote climate solutions, STEM and EDI programs, and cancer awareness support organizations. Advisory Board roles includes Washington State University Carson College of Business National Board of Advisors and International Committee; and other Clean Energy related associations.

Deborah Sigler

Maria Spiliotopoulou

Rebecca Walker

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